It all started with a giant sugar rush…

 Sweet wrappers have such fun and colourful graphics, it seemed a shame to throw them away into harmful incinerators and landfills. But what to do with them?

 A brainstorm later and many cups of green tea…Voila! Encase them in a durable but malleable PVC and stitch them into functional products.

The ideas kept flowing…what else could we upcycle?

Half scribbled on books that would otherwise have been discarded, torn comics, childhood annuals, and thus Sweetly Wrapped was born.

We scour the lands and often receive generous donations of retro comic books and annuals to be upcycled into the products you see before you. We use books that are in such a state, they can’t be sold in charity shops and we salvage those few pages.

Add a dash of nostalgia…

If like us you’re a child of the eighties, then you will probably recognise many of the book pages used from cartoons such as Jem & The Holograms, Rainbow Brite, The Care Bears, He-Man & She-Ra to name but a few.

There are a few of our favourite heroes from the nineties in there too, like Count Duckula, DangerMouse and the Powerpuff Girls.

Maybe even a few from the really olden days like Tintin and Asterix!

Each item is handmade

The wallets are created by encasing a comic book page inside two layers of a soft, flexible PVC, preserving the artwork and upcycling it into a functional product at the same time!

They’re extremely durable as the the PVC we use is thick and pliable, not stiff and brittle like lamination. It’s actually recycled too and is the off-cuts from another industry.

The products are stitched with a super strong thread giving them the stability for everyday use.

Have something in Mind?

Each item is carefully constructed by hand in our studio in the North East of England where we have a plethora of pages!

But infact, we can use just about anything sandwiched between the layers of our special PVC to make you a unique product.

Whether it be a page from a book, your childrens artwork, treasure map, or your favourite candy wrapper, get in touch and we can see what magic we can do.

Who we are

Sweetly Wrapped was created by Sally; fashion designer by day, wallet maker by night.

She is the book finder, vinyl cutter, pattern maker, product stitcher, clothing designer and herbal tea drinker.

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